JETI® 3150 Flatbed Printer
Spectra Jet Powered

• Prints on most materials 120″ x 60″
• 600dpi/1200dpi Indoor/outdoor UV inks
• Medias: Reinforced vinyl, canvas, fabrics, foam board, corrugated board, rigid plastics, metal sheets, paper and more

Flatbed Printing allows us to print on virtually any substrate, including rigid materials. We can print directly onto foam board, Sintra© Board, Gatorboard©, plywood, sheet metal, and even most fabrics. The ability to print directly onto rigid substrates allows us to bypass mounting in most cases. The UV curing process on our flatbed printer means that the piece is dry as soon as it is done printing, and the colors willl withstand fading for 3-5 years. Because flatbed printing is completely digital, the need for metal printing plates is also bypassed, and we can print runs as short as a single sheet.

APPLICATIONS JETI® 3150 Flatbed Printer

  • 3- Dimensional Logos
  • Contour Cut Signs
  • Outdoor SignageLightbox
  • DisplaysMenu Boards
  • Tradeshow Panels
  • Window Displays
  • Prototyping and more