• 64” Width Laminating Capability
 64” Width Laminator at Moebius Digital
• Satin Matte, Texture, Lustre, Gloss and Other Laminates Available

• Gator Board©, Acrylic, Chipboard and Other Substrates Available

• Banner Welding, Seaming and Pole Pockets Velcro©, Grommits, Back Fasteners and more

Large Format finishing is the process of converting your printed piece into its final function and appearance. Whether mounting to a substrate, finishing edges or welding pole pockets on a banner, we can do it.

MILLER® 30’ Weldmaster 112

For long, straight, consistently welded seams, the Miller Weldmaster CS-112 is simply the world’s most efficient machine for assembling your products. The CS-112 will weld acrylic fabrics and PVC fabrics faster than any other technology available.

MILLER® 30’ Weldmaster 112 at Moebius Digtial

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